For whom implantological treatment is the best solution

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Implantological treatment is currently the best way to rebuild lost teeth.

For patients who have suffered from missing teeth for many years and were forced to wear uncomfortable dentures, it is a great opportunity for comfort.


With the help of dental implants, we can rebuild single cavities, multi-tooth cavities and toothlessness. A single tooth is reconstructed in the form of an implant and a crown. In the case of a lost tooth, it is the best solution in terms of aesthetics and functionality. It is a much more advantageous solution than a traditional bridge because it does not damage adjacent teeth. Reconstruction of a few missing teeth allows you to eliminate the use of partial dentures with clasps, which can be uncomfortable or unsightly.


It should be taken into account that within 3 years of not filling the gap, about 50% -70% of soft tissues and bones disappear in the place of the lost tooth. On the other hand, implants prevent bone loss, which also affects the appearance of the face.

In the case of toothlessness, implants are an effective way to rebuild full arches of teeth

Wearing a removable denture influences the comfort of chewing and speaking. The use of reconstruction with implants is the most beneficial solution, allowing you to eat and speak freely. It prevents rapid bone loss and provides a natural look.

Supplementing missing teeth with implants allows for quick recovery of natural teeth and is 98% effective. More and more people aged 25-65 are opting for this solution. There are many types of implants on the market, which in terms of price are adjusted to the financial capabilities of patients.

  • Patients of different ages come to my appointment. Before each implant treatment, I conduct a thorough medical interview. First of all, I try to get to know the patient’s expectations and dispel doubts. Together, we choose the best method of implant treatment, and then I present the entire cost estimate. The patient always makes the final decision. Meeting the expectations of my patients is very important to me, says Dr. Aleksander Siemieniuta.

The success of the procedure is not guaranteed only by modern technologies and the best implantological solutions. The dentist’s experience and approach play a huge role.

  • I have been visiting Dr. Siemieniuta regularly for 15 years. The doctor is a forgiving person, always smiling and, above all, a great specialist. Doctor did my teeth reconstruction on implants 7 years ago. The procedure was completely painless, and I still enjoy a full smile without complications – confesses the 45-year-old patient of Dr. Siemieniuta.

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